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Who Trusts MecKey for Superior Starch and Derivatives Solutions?

When it comes to top-notch engineering solutions and durable equipment in the agri-products processing industry, MecKey stands out. MecKey’s innovative approach and commitment to quality have earned the trust of clients worldwide. Specializing in starch and derivatives, MecKey offers advanced processing plants for corn, wheat, and other starches. With a presence in the Middle East, Russia, and expanding networks in Pakistan and India, MecKey has built a solid reputation. This article explores why MecKey is the go-to choice for superior starch and derivatives solutions.

The MecKey Vision

At MecKey, our vision is to become a century-old enterprise admired by customers and beloved by our staff. We aim to provide cutting-edge equipment and optimized solutions that drive efficiency and productivity in the agri-products processing industry. Our commitment to innovation and quality has positioned us as a leader in the market, offering reliable solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Purifying: The First Step in Corn Starch Processing

The journey of corn starch processing begins with purifying. Before storage, corn undergoes pre-purification to eliminate foreign substances. A rotary screen, equipped with de-stoning and de-dusting functions, ensures that only clean corn moves to the steeping section. This initial step is crucial in maintaining the quality of the final starch product.

Steeping: Softening the Corn

In the steeping section, the counter-current steeping principle softens the corn. Heated sulfurous acid circulates through the steeping tanks at around 50°C, ensuring the corn becomes pliable. This softened corn is then pumped to the crushing stage, ready for further processing.

Sulfurous Acid Making

Sulfurous acid plays a vital role in the steeping process. Sulfur is burned in a furnace to produce SO2 gas, which is then absorbed in water to create sulfurous acid. This acid is essential for the effective steeping of corn, facilitating the subsequent crushing and separation stages.

Corn Crushing and Germ Separation

Steeped corn is sent to the first germ mill for initial crushing. The crushed corn then passes through germ cyclones and screens for separation. Further milling and separation ensure that the germ is effectively isolated from the rest of the corn, preparing it for washing, dewatering, drying, and oil extraction.

Fine Milling and Fiber Washing

After degermination, the corn undergoes fine milling in a pin mill to remove any remaining fiber. The fiber is then washed to recover residual starch, dewatered, and dried. This process not only enhances the purity of the starch but also produces fiber suitable for animal feed.

Protein Separation and Starch Washing

Starch milk is directed to primary separators for gluten removal. The cleaned starch then undergoes final washing in hydro cyclones to eliminate any remaining impurities. This meticulous washing process ensures that the starch is of the highest quality, ready for dewatering and drying.

Starch Dewatering and Drying

The dewatering process involves using a peeler centrifuge to remove excess water from the fine starch milk. The partially dried starch is then sent to an air-flow dryer, reducing moisture content to less than 14%. The final dry starch product is then packaged and shipped to customers.

Comprehensive Solutions for Starch and Derivatives

MecKey’s expertise extends beyond corn starch processing. We offer comprehensive solutions for a variety of starches and derivatives, including wheat starch, cassava/potato starch, and modified starches. Our advanced technology ensures that every product meets stringent quality standards.

Wheat Starch and Gluten Processing

Using wheat flour as the raw material, we produce both starch and gluten. The process involves dough making, washing, gluten screening, and drying. The final products, A-starch, and B-starch, are refined, concentrated, and dried to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Cassava and Potato Starch

Cassava starch, derived from dehydrated and dried cassava, is available in native and modified forms. These starches find extensive applications in both food and non-food industries, offering versatility and functionality to various products.

Innovating with Modified Starch

Modified starches are crucial for numerous industrial applications. MecKey’s manufacturing process for modified starches ensures that the final product meets precise specifications. Our flexibility allows us to tailor the process according to client requirements, delivering customized solutions that drive efficiency and performance.

Expanding Global Presence

Since our inception in 2001, MecKey has maintained good cooperation with countries worldwide, including America, Russia, France, Turkey, Israel, and many more. Our dedication to honesty, professionalism, efficiency, and win-win business philosophy has fostered strong partnerships and expanded our global footprint.

Conclusion: Trusting MecKey for Quality and Innovation

Who trusts MecKey for superior starch and derivatives solutions? Clients across the globe rely on our innovative equipment and optimized processes to achieve outstanding results. From corn starch to modified starches, MecKey delivers quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Explore our comprehensive range of solutions and join the growing list of satisfied clients who trust MecKey for their starch and derivatives needs.

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