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Who is the Run Machine of Cricket?

In the realm of cricket, there is no shortage of records and record-breaking players, and Indian captain Virat Kohli is one of them who has achieved numerous feats to their name. He is widely regarded as one of the finest players in the cricket world and the king of cricket. Scoring 7801 runs in 97 test matches including 21 centuries, and many half-centuries, he is called the Run Machine.


In this blog, we will let you know everything about the run machine of cricket, Virat Kohli. Let’s get right into it.


Introduction to Virat Kohli

No wonder we call the wonderful player Virat Kohli the run machine in cricket as there are so many records and feats he has captured yet. Due to his exceptional ability to fetch centuries and half-centuries in all the formats of cricket, he has become an outstanding player in the realm of cricket.

Born on 5th November 1988, Virat Kohli was trained at the West Delhi Academy under Raj Kumar Sharma. His Father Prem Kohli was a criminal lawyer and his mother Saroj Khan was a housewife.

 Why Virat Kohli is Considered a Run Machine?

 Due to his outstanding ability to hit and score tons of runs in all the formats of cricket, and consistent playing, he is named as the run machine of cricket in the world. He has scored about 43 centuries and 62 half-centuries in one-day cricket and has broken many records in the cricket world. No other player has fetched the run in the IPL than Virat Kohli who has scored 973 runs in the IPL 2016 therefore he is also regarded as the king of IPL. In 97 test matches, he has scored 7801 at a good average of 50.64 and grabbed the feat of scoring 254 and not out.

No other player is near him, in terms of scoring tons of runs, he has become the fastest player to score 20,000 international runs in all formats of cricket and 12000 runs in the ODI. His journey to cricket from being a promising young player to the face of Indian Cricket is remarkable. Although he faced some dips in the middle of his career, still came back with new records and a mind-blowing hitting capacity to score a pile of runs.

Maintaining a consistent average of 50 in all three formats he has scored 43 centuries in ODI and 27 centuries in test matches and become one of most prolific century makers in the history of cricket. He has an excellent chasing skill when it comes to chasing targets and guided his team to snatch the win in almost all formats of the game.

Kohli has scored 80 international centuries to date, he is the only player who has a brilliant average of 50 in all the three formats of the game. Only Sachin Tendulkar with 100 tons in international cricket has more centuries than Virat Kohli. When it comes to finding another run machine in cricket, the names of Alastair Cook from England and Steve Smith from Australia can be suggested who are the leading run scorers in their respective teams.

 Over 14 years, Virat Kohli has given significant contributions to Team India and has become a role model for Indian youngsters. His tremendous popularity has been reflected in the inclusion of cricket in the next Olympic 2028 on the global platform. 

 Final Thought


His hunger for runs, endurance, and ability to perform vigorously under pressure have made him the run machine of cricket, and his records & achievements speak loudly about his remarkable talent and dedication to the game. With his outstanding contribution to Indian Cricket, he has become the most iconic and the new god of cricket in the cricket world.

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