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Who can provide a doctor loan for starting a clinic?

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Starting a clinic can be an expensive endeavor, especially for new doctors who may not have adequate financial backing. Fortunately, there are several options for doctors seeking loans to aid their clinic startup.

Doctors loan for clinic is a specialized loan that is designed specifically to meet the financial needs of doctors who intend to establish their own clinics. This type of loan is available to medical professionals such as dentists, physicians, and other healthcare workers

Who can provide a doctor loan for starting a clinic?


A majority of banks in India, including public and private sector banks, offer doctor loans. These loans aim to provide physicians with finance for a range of professional purposes including clinic establishment, purchase of medical equipment, and renovation of the clinic, among others.


Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have emerged as a popular and trustworthy source for providing doctor loans. NBFCs typically offer tailor-made loan products for doctors, including clinic loans, that take into account the unique financial needs of physicians.

Government schemes

The Government of India has launched several schemes to encourage healthcare and medical business ventures in the country. These schemes offer easy loans at low-interest rates, often with longer repayment periods.


Securing a doctor loan for starting a clinic is an essential process that doctors need to undertake carefully. A well-planned approach is vital for ensuring that the loan is utilized for the intended purpose and is repaid promptly.

Furthermore, it is also important to compare the various loans offered by banks and NBFCs and to select a trustworthy lender that provides the most advantageous terms and conditions. By doing so, doctors can ensure that they start their clinic efficiently and cost-effectively.

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