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Which sectors require hydrogen?


The potential applications of hydrogen in a multitude of industries have led to a great deal of interest in hydrogen as a flexible and eco-friendly energy source. Given its adaptability and clean energy qualities, hydrogen has the potential to be extremely important in a wide range of businesses.

Hydrogen Industries

The energy source hydrogen shows great potential for a wide range of uses. Hydrogen is an appealing and flexible substitute for many different types of enterprises.

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The following industries require hydrogen:

Energy and Power Generation:

The use of hydrogen has enormous potential benefits for the energy sector, especially for the power production sector. The only result of using hydrogen as a fuel in hydrogen fuel cells is water vapor; energy is generated instead. This can stimulate the creation of greener energy while also assisting in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Hydrogen Future Growth in Energy and Power Generation Industry:

1.       Hydrogen is predicted to be essential to the power industry’s decarbonization. Hydrogen has the potential to be used as a way to store extra electricity and provide grid balancing services as renewable energy sources like wind and solar power gain popularity.

2.       It is anticipated that in the coming years, there will be a significant increase in the integration of hydrogen into existing power systems and developments in hydrogen-powered power plants, such as hydrogen fuel cells and gas turbines.

3.       Hydrogen power development can assist achieve climate targets, while also improving energy security and reducing reliance on fossil resources.


Transportation-related equipment such as cars, trucks, buses, railroads, and even ocean-going ships use hydrogen. It is possible to power electric vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells since they have a longer driving range and require less time to recharge than conventional batteries. One type of hybrid fuel suitable for internal combustion engines that can be produced using hydrogen is hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Hydrogen Future Growth in Transportation Industry:

1.       It is widely anticipated that the transportation industry would employ hydrogen fuel more frequently. In comparison to battery-electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, or FCEVs, provide the advantages of longer driving ranges and shorter refill intervals.

2.       The production and use of FCEVs are being encouraged by governments and automakers, who are also subsidizing the construction of hydrogen infrastructure.

3.       The transportation sector stands to benefit from the rising usage of hydrogen due to its adaptability, since it may be employed in buses, trucks, trains, and marine vessels.

Chemical Industry:

Hydrogen is needed as a feedstock in the chemical industry. It is employed, among other things, in the production of compounds like ammonia and methanol. Hydrogen is needed for fertilizer, petroleum refineries, and the production of resins and polymers.

Hydrogen Potential in Chemicals Industry:

1.       It is projected that the chemical industry will see a sharp increase in the use of hydrogen. It would probably take more hydrogen to fuel chemical reactions like the production of methanol and ammonia.

2.       Hydrogen will eventually replace fossil fuels as the greener option due to the need to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the chemical industry and sustainability concerns.

3.       Green hydrogen is derived from renewable resources and is expected to gain popularity as the chemical industry works toward becoming carbon neutral.

These are just a handful of the economic areas that hydrogen can support. As the world economy continues to shift toward a low-carbon one, there will likely be a greater demand for hydrogen. New industries and applications may also emerge.

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