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Which are the best kindergarten schools in Singapore?

Singapore, which is now The Republic of Singapore is known as the lion city. Singapore is also known for being a global financial center. The level of competition for jobs and businesses in Singapore are very high. It is a country full of Expats in search of better future and career opportunities.

International schools in Singapore are known for their high standard of education and good infrastructure. The first stepping stone for a child’s mental and physical development is a good kindergarten school. The learning process in a child begins right after birth, they start learning from observing their surroundings. 

Kindergarten school helps a child to explore and observe more from their surroundings. In a kindergarten the process of learning is made fun and entertaining. Kindergartens and preschools focus on developing a child’s cognitive, mental, spiritual, and physical abilities. They create a safe and friendly environment for the child to grow in. The most important goal of a kindergarten is to develop a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Students in kindergarten work in small groups with the teachers to work on their phonics skills, listening skills and learning skills. Kindergarten schools help in building a foundation for the child’s learning journey. 

Two of the best kindergarten schools in Singapore are:

Global Indian International school, Singapore 

GIIS is known as one of the best kindergarten schools in Singapore. They offer the Global Montessori Plus programme for their students. This is an award winning programme which adds a modern and innovative touch to the Montessori approach of education. This new way of education rests on 5 pillars which creates a foundation for the children before they enter the student life. They have most qualified teachers for kindergarten who are passionate about their job. GIIS is known to be the best because of their dedication towards education and a child’s overall development. 

Blue House Nursery

Blue house nursery is a good place for a child with great imagination and artistic abilities. They have the best environment for a child to grow into an independent learner and to explore. They include a lot of fun activities in their curriculum like dance, music, messy play times etc. Their campus is full of colors and lights and plants which makes the place look very beautiful and nature friendly. Their play time includes both indoor and outdoor activities. They also spend the most time with their peers. Blue house most importantly recognizes the value of art and makes sure all the art supplies are available to the children all times. This is what makes them unique from other schools. 


Kindergarten schools are a very important part of a child’s growth before they step into a regular school life. It helps them to learn and understand faster. It is important for a parent to find the best kindergarten for their child as it is the first step to shape their personality and build their future.

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