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What is the Powder Coating Cost in NJ?

So you have decided to powder coat your components, but aren’t sure what to expect in terms of pricing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

 Powder coating is a dry metal finishing process which makes it one of the most sought-after services for various industries. Powder coating is predominantly used in automotive, commercial, architectural, agricultural, and several other industries owing to its high-quality finish and long-lasting durability. At Rusty Lions, we’re the leading powder coating company that’s trusted across NJ. Our services are availed by the top manufacturers and metal fabricators in and around New Jersey. 

 While powder coating costs more than liquid paint during the application process, its longevity enables you to save more in the long run. Once you’ve invested in powder coating, its upkeep and maintenance costs are very low. 

 Powder Coating Cost of Some Common Items

The powder coating cost primarily depends on the item’s size and the prep work required. But the cost of coating large items, such as fences and gates is charged based on per square feet. 

 Here is the powder coating cost of some common items:


Bicycle Frames $70-$90

4-wheeler ATV frames $250

Motorcycle exhaust $100

Radiators $200-$300

Carburetor $100-200

Chair $50-$75

Beds $50-200

Metal sheet $6-$8 per square foot

Railings $8-$12 per linear foot

Doors and windows $50-$75 per item

Grill $50-100 per grill

 Remember, the prices can vary depending on the color, texture, number of coatings, and amount of prep work required. 

 If you want to know an estimate for your powder coating project, get in touch with the experts at Rusty Lions. We can give you a near-accurate estimate of the powder coating cost 

you should expect. 

 Call 347-613-8103 and tell us about the project. 


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