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What is Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking?

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Ethiopian Airlines provides a convenient and user-friendly “Manage Booking” feature, allowing passengers to efficiently handle various aspects of their reservations. This online tool enables travelers to make modifications and updates to their existing bookings without the need to contact the airline’s customer service directly.

Key features of Ethiopian Airlines’ Manage Booking service include the ability to:

  1. View and Modify Reservations: Passengers can access their booking details and make changes such as updating personal information, contact details, and even modifying flight itineraries if allowed by the fare rules.

  2. Select Seats: Travelers can choose their preferred seats, enhancing the overall travel experience and ensuring they sit in their preferred location within the aircraft.

  3. Meal Preferences: The service often allows passengers to specify dietary preferences or request special meals, ensuring that their in-flight culinary experience aligns with their needs.

  4. Add Extra Services: Passengers can conveniently include additional services, such as excess baggage or airport lounge access, to their existing reservations.

  5. Check Flight Status: The Manage Booking tool may provide real-time updates on the status of the scheduled flights, including any potential delays or changes.

  6. Print Boarding Passes: Travelers can access and print their boarding passes, streamlining the check-in process and saving time at the airport.

The Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking feature exemplifies the airline’s commitment to enhancing customer experience by offering a self-service platform that empowers passengers to customize and manage their travel arrangements efficiently. This online tool is a valuable resource for those seeking flexibility and control over their flight details.

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