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What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Frames for Commercial Windows and Doors?

In the world of commercial architecture, the use of materials for doors and windows is par excellence important. While within the plethora of choices, the aluminum frame has become one of the standard among its competitors due to its flexibility, ruggedness, and aesthetics. Just like the one leading provider of McDowell Glass, commercial settings view the excellent advantages of the aluminum frames offered by aluminum. In the current article, we find out all the pluses of buying aluminum frames for the commercial entrance doors and window systems.

Introduction To Commercial Windows and Doors

Frame of aluminum has a reputable position for their high durability characteristics in industrial applications. In contrast to the wooden frames not able to resist against the weathering like cracks, warps, and split, aluminum frames are not. Unlike residential commercial windows and doors whose resilience depends on the amount of water or light that the window or door endures, commercial windows have a much higher glazing (i.e., glass) thickness which is generally not less than 12 millimeters (otherwise known as a single pane). McDowell Glass Company comprehends what long-term reliability means in commercial projects and aluminum profiles give it no Room for doubt where it comes to unrivaled robustness.

Exceptional Durability

The fact of the matter is that the transportation of aluminum frames is much easier because they are lightweight; which, in turn, translates into simplicity during the installation process and flexibility in design. Retail or offices frequently embellish themselves with giant windows, on which aluminium frames which are strong enough in order to hold these without excessive weight are used. With aluminum frames, McDowell glass is able to offer exclusive, sustainably-built modern glass designs that cater to the exacting demands of the extensive variety of contemporary commercial establishments such as office complexes, shopping centres and outlets.

Lightweight and Versatile

Commercial settings have to work, hence, the aluminum profiles stand out with their almost no necessary tending influence. Different to wooden frames which need a routine maintenance like painting and sealing to prevent the decay, aluminum frame at all times is resistant to corrosion and therefore is not in any way affected by the other factors that makes the frame to lose its good condition. This attention-to-detail results in operational efficiency and cost savings as the commercial property owners benefits from the services rendered, the aforementioned characteristics demonstrates McDowell Glass’s dedication to providing quality solutions while practicality.

Energy Efficiency

The times we are living in are characterized by the increasing eco-happiness and power prices, and thus energy-efficient building material is a matter of paramount importance. Aluminum frames provide highly workable thermal efficacy, which plays well with conditions where little change in temperature is required. Being aware of the role of energy efficiency in commercial construction, McDowell Glass takes this fact into account by utilizing the benefits that the aluminum frames offer as an embodiment of sustainable building practices to facilitate a better life for the occupants and reduce expenses.

Low Maintenance Requirements

The sufficient space and firthness used in aluminum frame at the borders of commercial architecture projects provide the perfect balance between function and aesthetics. Aluminum frames come with multiple finishes and colors ranging from sleek polished look to colorful ones depending on the architect’s or designer’s preferences. Such finishes and colors meet the performance standards easily. No matter that it’s modern and sleek or traditional and timeless, McDowell Glass partners with clients to provide customized aluminum frame options for businesses that will bring the visual presentation to another level but maintain a secure structure.

Energy Efficiency

Safety is the top priority is commercial building and if aluminum profile is a very strong profile and also highly durable against intrusion. The strength of the aluminum in this structure make the possibility of a break-in quite minute, thus reinforcing the security level of both the owners as well as the guests. The glass company that we represent (McDowell Glass) has safety and security as a condition sine qua non in every project executed by our company and we underscore this observation by use of aluminum frames that show our resolve in meeting the expectation of beauty and protection.

Design Flexibility and Aesthetic Appeal

In the end the pros of aluminum frame for commercial windows and doors range a lot and they cover such traits like longevity, adaptability to different needs, little maintenance, energy efficiency, creative design, and security. What McDowell Glass understands well is the importance of the aforementioned benefits in the context of projects to do with commercial structures. It is for this reason that McDowell is serious about offering its clients with best quality aluminum frames that have inherent strengths. The commercial property owners who decide to use the aluminum frames from McDowell Glass will be amazed by the superior performance, durability, and UAV that come with this product, and this will make their projects lasts longer and will leave them satisfied.

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