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Using Merchandise to Promote Your Book

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If you’re a self-published author, you have many choices for book marketing services and products. Merchandise is one of the more interesting ones and, if done well, often amounts to free advertising for your book. Or, some authors develop (of license) product lines that coincide with the topic of their books or their personal expertise. A classic example is a famous chef who becomes a cookbook author and then releases a line of signature cookware. Products that fit with your book can be income-generating opportunities, or you may keep merchandise to the traditional promotional kind.

Apparel is one of the most obvious choices for promotional merchandise. T-shirts and caps are the most popular items, but there are other categories you can consider. Cases for personal electronic devices are one example. People carry their smartphones everywhere, and others wear the cases on them. When a fan selects a cell phone case designed to promote your book, it’s an instant advertisement. Additionally, while some promotional merchandise is given away, other authors sell it as an added revenue stream. Your success in selling it will depend on fans’ attachment to your book and its popularity.

Posters are notably popular as book promotional merchandise in some genres. For example, young adult fiction readers often collect and display them eagerly. If you plan strategically, the promotional posters you produce for in-store advertising can be given away or sold to fans. They accomplish the same promotional and advertising objective regardless of where they are used. If you can earn revenue and income from an item already produced for other purposes, it enhances the profitability of your book project. When fans are excited enough to buy posters, they’ll recommend your book.

Mugs and glasses are another popular way to use merchandising to promote your book. One of the significant advantages of mugs is people’s tendency to take them to the office. When co-workers see someone’s mug promoting your book, it calls your work to their attention. It’s an excellent example of how merchandise becomes free advertising with significant benefits. If you are a nonfiction author with a book of particular interest to people in a specific profession, having someone take a promotional mug to work has instant benefits. Keeping you and your book on people’s minds can help spark sales.

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