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Top Reasons Why One Should Indulge in Playing Golf

Numerous people have been indulging in golf. Whether you’ve played it for years or are a beginner who has just started the game, there are certain benefits that you can get with Golf. People need to have a good understanding of these benefits. The benefits that the sport offers are: 

  • It Is a Great Way to Stay Fit: Golf has proven to be extremely beneficial for your heart and health and is a great way to burn calories. It is a great form of exercise since it involves a lot of walking. It can help you achieve your daily goal of steps. It helps improve your endurance and assists in losing body weight and fat. 

  • It is a Great Way to Socialise: Playing golf is an excellent way of keeping in touch with friends; this further reduces the stress of a golfer. This also enables golfers to meet with new people who share similar interests. The sport engages people to stay connected and helps develop a sense of community. 

  • It is a Great Way to Enjoy the Benefits of the Outdoors: Spending some time outdoors is a great way to obtain some health benefits. Spending some time in the sun can help boost immunity and lower anxiety. Playing at the can help you lower your blood pressure and get better sleep. 

  • It is an Activity That One Can Enjoy with Their Family: Playing at a country club like the Umhlali Country Club enables one to spend quality time with their family. Country clubs come with a lot of amenities and recreational activities that all the members of a family can enjoy. 

  • It is a Challenging Sport: Golf is a sport that helps one challenge themselves since it is a personal sport, unlike team games. Golfers usually spend time playing it themselves while trying to break their previous record. It is great for learning and improving one’s skill at the sport. 

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It is a sport that enables its players to enjoy personal and team games while helping them socialize. It is always a good idea to acquire the fundamental skills through lessons before hitting the ground. One can book a tee time at the Clovelly Golf Club, bring friends, and begin enjoying it with their guidance. 

The overall risk of injury in the sport is low in comparison to other sports; thus, it is excellent for people of all ages. But to prevent some common injuries, it is better to start with warming up and stretching out the body. It is also helpful to use good quality equipment like clothing, shoes, gloves, and others. 



Golf is great at promoting better health and lowering the risk of terminal diseases; golf can boost one’s immunity system. Besides the physical health benefits, golf also provides one with numerous mental health benefits. Spending time with family, friends, and colleagues, or even making new friends, can reduce one’s stress.

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