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The Vast PR Value of Podcasts

Podcasting has become a part of more book publicity campaigns than ever, thanks to its ability to reach target audiences. There are numerous book promotion opportunities for authors on podcasts, ranging from launching your own to appearing as a guest on others. Like most things online, podcast episodes remain available indefinitely, which gives you months (and years) of potential promotional value. There are also cross-promotional opportunities when you appear on podcasts. You can use them to call attention to your book, and other marketing materials can promote your podcast to listeners.

Podcasts are like radio interviews in that they allow listeners to get to know you. Most people are more interested in reading a book when they learn more about its author. Therefore, appearances like these are natural ways to promote your book without resorting to hard-sell tactics. You can provide an informational or entertaining podcast experience, and people will become engaged. There are also few limits on podcasts, and they can run longer than most interviews, if appropriate. Some authors who use podcasting successfully will post new episodes on a schedule that allows fans to tune in predictably. 

You can make a case for guesting on other people’s podcasts because it’s an excellent way to reach new listeners – building your fan base organically. You may offer others the same courtesy to make your podcast more interesting if you launch one. Authors working on tight budgets are podcast fans because they cost little to set up and are easy to produce. The explosive growth in smartphone usage continues to help grow the audience because they are natural for people to access from their phones. When you post your podcast episodes with ample information, they appear in search results.

If you’re curious about podcasting but have yet to be ready to take the plunge, you can begin listening to others. Hear what they say, take note of what you enjoy, and make an episode enjoyable to listen to. You’ll want to be original in your podcasts, not copy others, but you can be inspired by their successes and integrate some of the techniques into yours. If you plan to speak without a guest on an episode, ensure you are conversational and keep the content enjoyable. Pay attention to the length also. You want to offer listeners a good amount of content but not make it overly long for their time.

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