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The Captivating Afnan 9 PM Eau De Parfum

Unveiling the enchanting aroma of Afnan 9 PM Eau De Parfum! This fragrance is an ode to sensory delight, awakening your senses with an intriguing blend of bergamot and cinnamon. As the scent story unfolds, it leads you through an evocative journey with lush orange blossoms harmonized by delicate undertones of amber, vanilla, and patchouli.

Igniting the Senses:

The symphony of bergamot and cinnamon in Afnan 9 PM sparks a vibrant opening, creating an immediate allure. These invigorating top notes intertwine, leaving a trail of freshness and warmth that captivates the senses, setting the stage for what’s to come.

The Evolution:

Afnan 9 PM’s evolution on the skin is nothing short of magical. The transition from the initial burst to the heart notes is a seamless journey. The fragrance evolves, revealing the tender embrace of orange blossoms, which blend effortlessly with the subtle yet distinct hints of amber, vanilla, and patchouli, adding depth and character to the scent profile.



Afnan 9pm Eau De Parfum is an olfactory masterpiece that takes you on a sensory adventure. Its complex yet harmonious composition offers a sophisticated blend of citrus, spice, and floral notes that linger, leaving an unforgettable impression. This fragrance is an invitation to experience an exceptional olfactory journey, a symphony of scents that evoke elegance and allure.

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