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Sonalika 60 price in india

The Sonalika 60 tractor is well-known for its sturdy engine, which allows it to run continuously for long periods. Its 60 HP power output is more than that of its competitors in the same class. The 2WD tractor type and 2125 MM wheelbase further improve its stability and field support. This tractor’s remarkable lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg makes it exceptionally versatile for a wide range of agricultural and transportation activities. With a competitive price range of Rs. 7.73 Lakh* to Rs. 8.53 Lakh* in India, the Sonalika 60 is a wise investment for both farmers and other sectors of the economy. With its 4-cylinder engine, the tractor offers sufficient friction for diverse applications. Its sleek decal styling and distinctive headlamps elevate the aesthetic of any farm, thanks to its streamlined design. Moreover, the tractor’s sturdy body, constructed from heavy-duty metal, guarantees longevity and durability, ensuring years of reliable service.

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