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Self-Publishing a Book This Year?

If you plan to self-publish your first book this year, you owe it to yourself to learn more about how to make your project more profitable. If you’re already considering print-on-demand, you might also consider staying outside that system with full-service printing and book fulfillment service for your orders. You retain more flexibility over your book sales when you skip on-demand printing and order fulfillment companies. It allows you to sell books from your website and anywhere else you choose, including brick-and-mortar retailers. Setting goals for your book project also helps keep you focused.

There are many effective ways to start a buzz about your book once published, but how you print it can also be helpful. Coming up with something unique but understandable can help get people talking, and word of mouth is powerful advertising. But it also needs to sit on a shelf next to other titles in stores, and you’ll want to ensure whatever you do fits in. Books are products like many other items, so making them appealing to buyers is important. Your trim size, nicely printed dust jacket if a hardcover and other features will help attract attention. Using a full-service printer gives you more of those options.

Designers who specialize in book covers are worthy of your consideration. Along with its title, your book’s cover is one of the most important marketing elements. People will see it in “thumbnail” size on bookselling websites, and it contributes mightily to the in-store discovery of your book. Understanding your genre’s cover expectations is vital; someone with experience designing covers can advise you. Be alert also to the importance of a precise, descriptive subtitle if your book is nonfiction and, regardless of its genre, the back cover blurb. People in stores flip your book over for a quick summary.

Once you are sure of sales volume, if it is high enough, you can consider offset printing to bring down the cost per copy when you print. Digital printing continues to make smaller print runs feasible economically. Many successful authors today also offer their work as eBooks and audiobooks. They are a smaller fraction of the market than printed copies, allowing you to reach a larger audience. Elling books in all channels is the surest way to maximize sales. You’ll earn the highest profit margin if you sell directly from your website. That way, you retain the entire sales price and don’t lose a percentage.

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