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Secure your Transactions with High-quality Cash Drawers

The world is going digital. Everything from our daily lives to the way we do business is made more efficient and easy with the progress of technology. Whether you are a chain of hotels or a small retail store, you too can optimize sales and daily operations with the latest POS products and accessories. 

 So gone are the days when salespeople had to manually make entries on registers to keep track of sales and inventory. It’s time you get a cash drawer that can perform diverse functions such as inventory and sales tracking, bookkeeping, and of course, storing cash. Having a cash drawer can thus give your business a secure means to store cash while providing flexibility and accuracy. 

 Whether you’re looking for a simple lock and key manual cash drawer or an automatic cash drawer powered by your POS system- we’ve got you covered. Find the latest collection of high-quality cash drawers at Master Distributors and store your cash securely. 

Types of Cash Drawers at Master Distributors

At Master Distributors, we have the following types of cash drawers:

·        Manual 

Manual cash drawers are boxes that are opened by a key. This is a low-cost solution for low-volume environments with a single salesperson. Find the best manual cash drawers from APG, POS-X, and other leading brands. 

·        Automatic 

Automatic cash drawers are those that are operated by a printer or a USB and can be connected to POS systems. These cash drawers are perfect for establishments that serve a large volume of customers. These cash drawers are only accessible after a sale is completed and the printer prints a receipt.  

Find the Best Cash Drawer for your Business 

Find the best cash drawer for your business at our website, or call 1-888-905-7008 or send an email to sales@masterdistributors.ca to know more about our cash drawers. 

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