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Save on Software Contracts with Computer Software Tracking

Managing a steady stream of student and staff requests along with campus-wide licenses can be challenging. It often leads to inefficient deployment and utilization of software.


The best way to prepare for upcoming software license negotiations and cater to requests is to monitor software usage. With LabStats’ computer software tracking tool, IT teams can better prepare for upcoming license renewal negotiations and make data-driven decisions to make the most use of resources.


Reinvent Computer Software Tracking with LabStats

Software monitoring and reporting tools are essential for IT professionals to optimize the process of software contract renewals. LabStats is a leading computer software tracking tool for higher education institutions that can help reduce spending on unnecessary software and serve the needs of students and staff better.


With LabStats, you can easily monitor all applications on and off campus.

We’re the preferred software and hardware tracking tool for the leading universities and colleges around the globe. Our expansive list of application support includes more than 80% of the most popular applications that schools and colleges have in common. LabStats allows you to track these applications by default for better software license management.


Get access to real-time data from over 200 software applications that are commonly used across institutions. Our tool also covers the basic version changes of these common applications.


Contact us to learn how you can start monitoring software usage across campus.


Call 208-473-2222 or send an email to support@labstats.com to start your free trial today.


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Address:- 16 W Martin Street, Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone:- 208–473–2222

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