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Profacgen Provides a Complete Set of PEGylation Products and Services for Research Use

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Profacgen, a biotechnology company that provides custom protein services in the biological sciences, now provides a complete set of PEGylation products and services that can help solubilize biomolecules, reduce immunogenicity of ADCs, or increase circulation stability of drugs.


Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is known to improve the stability and pharmacological properties of proteins, peptides, antibody-drug conjugates, and small-molecule drugs when added to biomolecules and pharmaceuticals. PEG, a synthetic polymer with high hydrophilicity, is widely used to increase the aqueous solubility of therapeutic molecules and reduce the immunogenicity of biopharmaceuticals. PEGylation has been used successfully in 12 marketed drugs to date. PEGylation technology, which was first used in protein modification, has recently been transferred to small-molecule drugs, sparking a new wave of research in the pharmaceutical industry.


Profacgen’s reliable and flexible chemical biology solutions cover almost all aspects its customers may encounter during the PEGylation of proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides and small molecules, ironing out the difficulties of their studies involving drug discovery research, material science, cosmetic science, etc.


PEGylation services at Profacgen include:

Amine-reactive PEGs

C-terminal-reactive PEGs

Thiol-reactive PEGs

Homobifunctional crosslinker

Heterobifunctional crosslinker

Multi-arm PEGs


To further elaborate, scientists at Profacgen support the installation of reactive groups toward amino acids other than cysteine and lysine and can deliver custom synthesis of innovative PEGylation reagents and derivatives such as PEG derivatives containing bioorthogonal handles (e.g., azide and alkyne) and PEGs with specific length and number of arms.


PEGylation products at Profacgen include:

mono-PEG-SM, mono-PEG-SP, mono-PEG-SB, mono-PEG-NC, mono-PEG-CC, mono-PEG-amine, mono-PEG-mal, mono-PEG-thiol, homo-PEG-CC, homo-PEG-SM, homo-PEG-amine, homo-PEG-acrylate, homo-PEG-mal, hetero-PEG-SPDP, hetero-CC-PEG-mal, etc.


“With years of experience in bioconjugation services, we provide a full spectrum of quality solutions, from single reagents to comprehensive PEGylation service, to meet your specific needs.” Said Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen. “And we will continue to enlarge our products and services offerings to better assist with your research.”


To know more detailed information about the PEGylation products and services provided by Profacgen, please visit https://www.profacgen.com/pegylation-services.htm.



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