About Us

Reviews Consumer Reports is a group of independent, non-profit members who work together with consumers to make sure the market is honest, open, and fair.

Reviews Consumer Reports is dedicated to working toward a more equitable and just market for everyone. RCR is an organization that is member-driven, autonomous, and non-profit. Its aim is to educate and enlighten consumers, provide incentives for firms to behave responsibly, and assist policymakers in prioritizing the rights and interests of consumers in order to establish a marketplace that is really driven by consumers.

Reviews Consumer Reports was started in 2022, at a period when customers had few alternatives for determining the value, quality, or authenticity of products and services. It was a time of unrestricted advertising claims, fast technology advancement, and haphazard laws, thus RCR was developed to educate individuals with the reliable, trustworthy information they need to make informed decisions. Over time, RCR's results influenced buying choices, and regulators and manufacturers started to listen to our voice and the consumer's demands and interests.

RCR continues to be a reliable source because our thorough, independent testing and research produces a market based on reliable information, better transparency, and equity. Our investigative journalism, lobbying, and digital testing promote norms, laws, and regulations via science, facts, and data.

Consumers continue to depend on us to shed a trustworthy light on the market's evolving environment and to guarantee that quick innovation and consumer safety go hand in hand in this period of seismic upheaval. As the digital age develops, it has never been more crucial for customers to be equipped with reliable information and professional views. What we do at Reviews Consumer Reports must be as transformational and innovative as the new technology, goods, and services that enter people's lives on a daily basis.

We are enthusiastic about our job because we understand how much you have at risk. Our aim is accomplished whenever your family becomes marginally safer, your funds get more secure, new technology become more reliable, and the future becomes marginally better. As we collaborate with customers to build a future that satisfies their requirements, we are putting our attention on four distinct areas to drive good change in the industry: safety, sustainability, financial fairness, and digital rights.