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Make the Most Money on Your Book

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The primary reason many people write books is to earn money. If you’re one of them, many factors will affect your profitability. Self-publishing and finding an excellent book fulfillment service can help, along with employing a publicist. Print-on-demand may appear tempting at first, but it can cut into your profits. On-demand printing is a crutch if you’re writing your first book, are unsure about predicting your sales, and have no funds to invest in printing copies ahead. You also need a text-heavy book that requires little flair in how it’s published. It’s a template-driven world that puts your work inside a box.

Building any business from scratch is a step-by-step process that takes time, and it’s no different for authors. That’s why planning a well-rounded marketing program that reaches your target readers in multiple channels can pay off nicely. If you publish numerous books, you’ll begin with a base of knowledge after the first one, and it helps predict sales. It’s also crucial to compete well against traditionally published books, which means giving yours all of the advantages your competitors have. For example, working with an accomplished cover designer and experienced editor is crucial to polish your work.

If you’re a profit-minded author, you also want to consider your book’s genre carefully. Some genres have much more active sales than others. For example, self-help books tend to do well, and they are naturals to receive media coverage. It’s always important to write about what you know and love, but do your research and learn the financial realities of each genre. How you market your book also depends on its genre. Some target audiences are heavy online consumers, while others may be more likely to watch and read traditional media (or rely on snail mail). You can be strategic about your marketing mix.

Working with the right printer also matters in producing a profitable book. The per-copy cost is the primary consideration, but there are other factors. You need a book that’s attractive as a product to its target readers – and one they will select over its competitors as they shop. Therefore, features like an elegantly printed cover (or dust jacket for a hardcover book) matter significantly. You can also make merchandise to sell with your books. T-shirts, caps, mugs, etc., are the standard items, but there are others you can consider. Whichever you choose, ensure they make sense and complement your book. 

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