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Intel Core vPro: Your Business Secret Weapon

vPro processors have wide-ranging commercial applications. These processors are found in a range of mobile and desktop devices. The vPro technology is designed and developed by Intel, the renowned process manufacturer, ensuring the smooth processing of your organizational IT services.

The intel core i7 vPro processor is an integrated, validated platform with built-in performance, security, manageability, and stability functionalities. You get the experience of business-class performance, hardware-enhanced security, and so on.

Besides this, you get more than your expectations:

Benefits of vPro Processors:

The Intel vPro family processors are:

  • Great security:

It comes from multi-factor authentication, full disk encryption, and remote secure erasing.

  • Improved Performance:

Thanks to battery life that is three times more efficient than previous systems. The computing performance provides 2.5 times as excellent graphical performance.

  • Remote Management of Devices:

Intel Active Management Technology, allows remote updation and repair of equipped services.

  • Enhanced Collaboration:

Intel vPro enables users to collaborate more effectively through remote meetings using audio/video conferencing tools such as Skype or Microsoft Teams and file-sharing tools such as Dropbox or Google Drive, which can be accessed securely without compromising system performance or data integrity.

Additionally, these tools enable teams located in different locations worldwide to easily collaborate on projects without having to spend money on travel expenses or time away from their families due to long trips away from home base offices.

Core i7 Vs. Xeon Processors:

Core i7 processors are considered Intel’s performance line of CPU. With more cores, high frequencies, and cache allotments, this series is more value-oriented than its core i5 counterparts.

It becomes easy to run most of the demanding applications. Core i7 CPU can be easily overclocked to work at higher-than-rated models temporarily.


Intel Xeon CPU offers similar frequencies and cache sizes to higher core i7 count. It provides the highest maximum core count. With the addition of Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory, a server-grade feature that makes Xeon chips especially popular in workstations. It helps in solving mission-critical applications.


ECC memory helps find and fix 99.999% of soft memory errors. They can reduce data corruption and work-destroying system crashes.

Intel vPro processors offer a range of functionalities like high-level business functioning with tangible business benefits. Typically, vPro users have demonstrated 52% high performance compared to Microsoft office.

Xeon processors are often used for performing a range of activities for workload-heavy computation. It is primarily used in the domain of data centers, military weapons, and radar systems.

Components of Intel Evo Platform:

The Intel Evo laptop relies on a detailed set of required hardware and related components. A laptop can’t get an Evo badge unless it has three critical pieces:

  • Processor and graphics:

The processor provides instructions and processing power to the computer. It helps your device in completing heavy-duty tasks. The more powerful and updated processor enables faster completion of different tasks.

  • Intel Iris Xe or Intel Iris Xe MAX graphics:

Intel Iris Xe graphics work within the company’s long-standing integrated processor graphics architecture. They are specially designed to deliver the performance of discrete or dedicated graphics chips.

This makes Iris Xe graphics an ideal choice for thin-and-right laptops, which are more popular today.

What is vPro Secure?

Thanks, Intel Authenticate(IA) helps Intel update security for vPro. It helps secure devices by locking them for one or only one user. Authentication is performed using a fingerprint or password protection PIN.

With Intel vPro technology and advanced management features, your business can explore more than expectations. Intel’s software guard extensions(sgx) offer security enclaves for application developers.

This processor is specially built to provide high-performing business, security, manageability, and stability.

Groundbreaking performance and collaboration:

Thanks to  11th Gen Intel vPro i7 technology that empowers your workforce to perform the best work. It delivers the world’s best productivity and business collaboration.

  • Intel Iris Xe delivers a great set of graphical abilities for an immersive work experience.

  • Thunderbolt technology offers a connection for reliable notebook charging, multiple monitors, and seamless connection.

  • Intel Optane empowers the workforce to enhance productivity by delivering gen-over-gen improvements.

Comprehensive security features:

  • The industry’s only silicon-enabled AI threat detection technology helps avoid ransomware and crypto mining attacks.

  • Integrated security at every step helps the team in evaluating security resilience.

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Wrapping up:

Undoubtedly, Intel core vPro technology offers a range of benefits to businesses. These functionalities help organizations keep an eye on growth prospects and security measures.

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