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How to take Google Workspace email backup?

All the users who wish to take the backup of Google Workspace are looking for a solution that can easily proceed with Google Workspace email backup swiftly. Many users store their data in G Suit as it offers a security feature that will protect the data. Nevertheless, to proceed with the task, users must rely on a trustworthy tool that can instantly complete the whole process.

Many professional tools are available for users, but one should rely on a trustworthy tool that guarantees user data security. Not every tool offers security for user’s data. Sometimes, users come across tools that offer free service, but it is suggested that users not opt for that tool. The free tool can be harmful to user’s data, and it does not guarantee users for the safety of their data.

We urge users to try the Shoviv G Suite backup and restore tool to begin the task. It will complete the whole task without misplacing any data and make the procedure easy. The software is available worldwide, and users can take advantage of the tool 24/7. The software comes with various unique features.

Using the administration credential, the software can easily proceed with Google Workspace email backup. The tool can save the data in various formats, i.e., MBOX, MHT, MSG, PST, and HTML. There is a filter option; with that help, users can include/ exclude the item based on the criteria. There is no size limitation, so that users can add multiple data. The option is also to control the failed item count; the procedure will stop afterward. After completing the process, the tool will prepare a live report of the entire task so that users can check out the systematic process.


Users can download the free trial version of the software to proceed with the Google Workspace email backup process.

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