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How to select seats on spirit airlines?

Spirit Airlines undoubtedly offers you the lowest flight rates and plentiful flight options to the best holiday destinations. But sometimes choosing your desired seats to the best destinations can be the most difficult task for you. The whole task can sometimes also be pricey. Also, before reserving your seats through Spirit, here you can know the types of seats present. So, we will guide you to know how to select seats on spirit airlines at the cheapest and most affordable rates. 


What is Spirit Airlines Seat Assignment?


The seat selection task may be costly for you. So make sure to choose your seats wisely, keeping in head the amount that you have to pay for your seats. However, some travellers can also enjoy a free seat selection policy through the Spirit elite status membership.

You can choose your favourite seats all for free after signing up for the elite membership policy by Spirit. If you are a non-elite member, then during the seat selection assignment, you need to pay for the selected seat. Also, you need to pay charges for the baggage and some extra benefits.


Is Seat Selection Necessary on Spirit Airlines?


Travellers willing to fly at low fares can skip the complete seat selection process. However, if you are planning to travel with your companions, then you must choose the desired seats while booking your tickets. If you don’t select your preferred seats prior to the ticket confirmation, then you and your companions might end up sitting separately.  


Spirit Airlines clearly states that there is no guarantee of seat placements even if you book your tickets together. However, the airlines state in their policy those children below 13 years shall be provided with adjacent seats to their parents as they need assistance throughout the journey.


Types of Seats at Spirit Airlines


Spirit offers easy seat selection options and doesn’t provide unnecessary seat departments, which can make your selection quite difficult. It’s quite easy to choose your desired seats from Spirits as there are only three options available.

  • Standard Seats

Spirit Standard class seat is the cheapest seat selection option available for you. So you can choose the Standard seats on Spirit Airlines, which are available majorly for the customers.

  • Premium Seats

Another seat choice that you get at Spirit Airlines is the premium seats. As the name suggests, the premium seats come with some extra qualities. Here you can avail yourself of the big legroom facility along with some other additional facilities. Also, children below the age of 15 years are not allowed to choose this quality of seats.

  • Big Front Seats

The last seat option available at Spirit Airlines is the Big Fronts Seat facility. Such a section of seats comprises only eight to ten seats. So, if you are interested in traveling with extra comfort, then you must select the Big Front Seats. This seat has bigger legroom than the premium seats and offers some more comforting facilities than other types of seats.

How to select seats on spirit airlines?

Here, you can learn easy procedures to select your desired seats on Spirit flights. Follow the guide for more clarity.

  • Pay for your desired seats while booking or at any time before check-in.

  • Pay for the selected seats, your baggage, and some extra benefits while booking your tickets.

  • You can also choose the skip seat selection option and pay nothing. In such cases, you will be assigned random seats by the airlines.


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Thus, make sure to choose Spirit Airlines Seat Selection policy if you are planning to share the neighbouring seat with your companions. Also, you can get your desired seats at the most affordable rates only through Spirit Airlines.

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