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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code C=47?

Unexpected errors are the ones that are the most annoying errors in QuickBooks. These error pops up on the screen suddenly and puts the whole operation at a halt. One such error that a user might face is QuickBooks Error Code C=47. This error can occur due to issues in the settings of Internet Explorer for a few protected websites. Another reason can be if you are cleaning Windows Server 2008, the software is unable to find the transactions and also fails at the same time update. To get deeper information about this issue keep on reading this blog. In this blog, which we will provide you with the fixation methods, causes and files that need to be recovered. When you try to remove a transaction from a report this issue usually arises. Error C=47 appears on the screen with a warning stating:

Unexpected Error

An error has occurred in QuickBooks. Please restart QuickBooks and try again. If you continue to experience this error, please note the C=value and contact technical support. Error: C=47

However, if you want to get this issue resolved in the fastest way, you can contact our tech support experts by dialing our support line number +1-800-910-3136.  Our technicians are 24/7 available to assist you and will resolve this issue for you in no time.

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What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error Code C=47?

Here is a list of the factors that trigger QuickBooks error C=47.

·         The QuickBooks data file is damaged or corrupted.

·         There is an old backup of the QuickBooks data file.

·         You may also encounter such a problem when changing entries.

·         Another reason could be incorrect Internet Explorer settings.

·         Check if Internet Explorer’s SSL settings are wrong.

·         You could face this error if the transaction log file is stored in a corrupted file folder.

What files are to be recovered from QuickBooks Error Code C=47?

·         The files that need to be recovered from this error are mentioned below.

·         Corrupted QuickBooks data file (.QBW)

·         Transaction log file (.TLG- that you can find in the same folder where QBW file was stored)

·         Backing up QuickBooks data file (if any) (.QBW or . QBB or . QBM)

Fixation Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code C=47

Go through the below-mentioned solutions to fix this issue. This issue needs to be eliminated immediately to avoid further problems.

Method 1: Verifying and rebuilding data on the company file

·         Running the rebuild data utility

·         Run Verify Utility

Method 2: Updating the driver software

Method 3: Scanning for viruses

Method 4: Updating QuickBooks desktop

Method 5: Perform a quick repair to fix the error

·         Repair the .dll file

·         Repair the QuickBooks desktop

Method 6: Configure Internet Explorer in QuickBooks Desktop

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QuickBooks error code C=47 needs to be resolved immediately because it can disrupt your work and also cause data loss. This is a common error that QuickBooks users often encounter. However, solving this error does not require any complicated science and very few correct methods can solve this problem. So just follow the steps mentioned above and apply them carefully. These steps will definitely help you fix this problem. If you are still having difficulty, you can contact our QuickBooks support team for assistance. Our experts will help you get rid of this problem forever and make sure that you never have this problem again. You can contact our experts at our helpline number i.e. +1-800-910-3136.

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