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How to Fix with QuickBooks Already Has a Company File Open Problem?

You anxiously launch QuickBooks to reconcile your bank transactions or prepare financial reports, but instead of loading your company file, an exasperating persistent error message stops you in your tracks. QuickBooks already has a company file open. Double-click on the icon in the taskbar to open QuickBooks.

No clue how to resolve this all too common issue? Let’s quickly correct QuickBooks crashing seemingly inexplicably already having a data file open and get back you into your critical company records.

The root cause of this “Already Open” problem is actually a failed QuickBooks shutdown last time — leaving the company file opening “abandoned” in the background. Multiple factors can cause QuickBooks to exit unexpectedly, including:

● Windows automatic updates unexpectedly rebooting your PC while QuickBooks was running

● Power cuts or PC hard crashes without properly closing applications

● Security software blocking QuickBooks operations and forcing a sudden termination

● File corruption or access issues causing unhandled error shutdowns

The confusing “Already Open” message can persist for days following a failed close until you successfully purge the abandoned opening. Technically, no one actually has your company file open. But QuickBooks won’t let you open another instance as it thinks an existing handle exists due to the crashes.

How to Close Already Open Company File

You need to fully “release” your company file from the stuck background opening before being able to reopen as usual in a fresh QuickBooks session.

·         Open the Windows Task Manager using Ctrl+Shift+Esc keyboard shortcut

·         Switch to the Processes tab listing all running apps

·         Locate qbwin.exe or qbdbmgrn.exe processes related to your company file

·         End the stuck process to free your file for a new open session

·         Launch QuickBooks again normally and access company file without issue

Additionally, consider scheduling maintenance operations like regularly condensing and verifying data files, installing latest QuickBooks updates, and running background file health checks using built-in utilities.

Avoid QuickBooks “Already Open” Errors

While easily fixable after the fact, a number of preventative habits help minimize frustrating failed starts:

·         Always close QuickBooks windows and company files cleanly using File > Exit/Close

·         Leverage auto-save, backup and check for data damage features proactively

·         Maintain latest QuickBooks version and promptly install patches

·         Configure Windows updates to notify before restarting your machine automatically


Getting blindsided by vague “already open” file errors is never ideal — but a quick processes list scan and termination easily rights your QuickBooks environment. After following the steps if you still facing the error you can contact on our helpline number i.e. +1-800-360-4183 or you can contact to our QuickBooks Data Service Solutions experts.

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