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How Do I Know When to Get A Root Canal?

How Do I Know When to Get A Root Canal?

The teeth are the most sensitive part of your mouth and play an essential role in an individual’s well-being and overall health. So you must take care of it properly by incorporating oral health practices like brushing, flossing and regular follow-ups with a dentist every six months. Whenever any tooth is damaged, cracked or broken, it not only provides harm or discomfort but also increases the risk of developing more severe oral health conditions, including oral cancer, gingivitis, osteoporosis, and tooth decay – just a few names. This is a situation when your healthcare professional may recommend you for root canal treatment.


Here are some common signs indicating that you need root canal therapy. Let’s shed light on what they are:


Persistent Pain

If pain is persistent for long days or months, specifically when chewing, eating or applying pressure. This is an indication that now you need a root canal.


Sensation With Hot or Cold Items

You start feeling the sensation in your teeth while consuming or eating hot or cold items, which remains long-lasting even after the stimulus is removed, which may indicate collecting pulp.



Swollen Gums

Gum swelling or tenderness near the affected tooth may indicate an infection that needs to be treated with a root canal.


Discoloration of the Tooth

When the tooth colour starts changing or darkening, it may show a sign of internal damage or infection, indicating a red flag that you need a root canal.


Pimple on the Gums

A painful bump on the gums, more like a pimple, is known as a dental abscess, and it indicates an infection that needs to be treated right away, usually with a root canal.


If you’re dealing with the symptoms mentioned above, make an appointment with Dentist Office Open On Saturday and ask your healthcare provider whether a root canal is an appropriate treatment for your oral health.


How Long Will Root Canal Work?

According to a dentist, a well-fitted and placed tooth can last for atleast ten years after performing the root canal surgery. Moreover, maintenance or hygiene also plays a vital role, which relies only on the patient’s efforts – how they take care of their teeth after the successful completion of surgery. Moreover, dentists can also extend a tooth’s lifespan by placing dental crowns after the Root Canal Treatment Houston. These crowns work like protective shells, protecting the teeth from weather elements and food particles.


 What To Do To Increase the Shelf Life of Root Canal?

As such, no medical treatment procedure gives you a 100 per cent guarantee in a root canal procedure. To increase the lifespan, patients can take care of proper hygiene and oral care practices.


Moreover, visiting an Emergency dentist open Saturday for regular checkups or follow-ups will help identify further fractures or any other major oral health-related conditions. After a few days of the treatment, avoiding consuming or drinking too cold or hot beverages also increases tooth lifespan and reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity.


Wrapping It Up


Throbbing pain, swelling, and bleeding in the gums are common symptoms of teeth infection. So, it is essential to take advice from a root canal specialist near me and have a healthy discussion with them. 

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