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How Can We Overcome the Cockroach Problem?

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Cockroaches can survive in almost any environment if food, water and shelter are available. Sanitation tactics like washing dishes promptly, cleaning crumbs and sealing pantry items help limit their numbers.

Eliminate cockroach harborage areas by removing woodpiles, leaf piles and overgrown underbrush from around your home. Use caulking and mesh screens to block their access points.

Clean Up

Cockroach Problem is omnivorous pests that will eat just about anything they can find. Dirty dishes, crumbs, and pet food left out on the floor are all attractive to these pests. The poop that they leave behind contains chemical signals, called aggregate pheromones, which attract other cockroaches to join them in their feeding and breeding activities. It is essential to thoroughly clean up and disinfect any areas that are infested by these critters.

Cockroach feces contain human pathogens that can cause illnesses like Salmonella Typhi, Dysentery, and Poliomyelitis. They can also trigger allergies in sensitive individuals. These pathogens can spread when cockroaches are agitated, or as they crawl through contaminated surfaces.

To prevent cockroaches from accessing your food, be sure to properly seal garbage cans, and to use liners and tight-fitting lids. Regularly clean under and around appliances, especially the refrigerator. Wipe up spills and crumbs right away, and keep pantry goods in airtight glass or plastic containers. Ensure that dirty dishes are washed and put away promptly, and clean up pet food dishes daily.

Moisture is another thing that cockroaches are drawn to, and you should make sure to fix leaky pipes and damp basements immediately. You can also use a dehumidifier to help eliminate moisture in the house. Another natural method of controlling cockroaches is using neem oil or powder, which has been found to have potent components that kill these insects. The neem extract can be mixed with water and put into a spray bottle to spray in cockroach-infested areas at night.

Seal Entry Points

Cockroaches are a very adaptable pest, capable of living anywhere that food, water and shelter are available. They typically remain hidden during the day and are active at night. Cockroaches feed on a wide variety of things including soap, toothpaste, glue, hair, excrement and even human food crumbs. The key is to keep roaches away by eliminating sources of food, cleaning frequently and sealing pantry goods in airtight jars.

Cockroaches gain entry to buildings by gaining access through cracks in walls, door frames and sills, and vents. In multi-unit buildings, they can also enter between apartments through shared walls and ceilings. They are known to invade homes and offices in search of warmth, food, and water.

Typical entry points include gaps around doors, windows, and vents, as well as wet environments like basements and closets with leaky pipes. To help seal entry points, you can use caulking to fill in holes and cracks. You can also spray down and vacuum up crevices and cracks with a vacuum cleaner attachment.

A common way to keep cockroaches away is to use a repellent such as diatomaceous earth. This natural mineral is the fossilized remains of microscopic algae and is toxic to cockroaches. You can purchase this product in grocery stores and garden centers. To use it, simply spread a thick layer of the powder around your home.

Eliminate Sources of Food

Roaches feed on a variety of things including starches, sweets, grease, and meats. They also love to eat paper products such as newspaper and cardboard boxes. Getting rid of easy food sources like dirty dishes in the sink or pet food left out on the floor can help reduce cockroaches. It is also important to clean kitchen appliances frequently and carefully remove any crumbs under them. Lastly, cockroaches need water to survive and are drawn to any moist areas of the home. Fixing leaks and cleaning up around faucets and drains can minimize this attraction.

Since cockroaches can fit into tiny spaces, it is important to seal any cracks or crevices they can use to get inside your home. Using caulking to fill in these gaps can stop them from entering your house. Additionally, if you live in an apartment building and can see cracks on the walls of your unit, ask the property management to seal these with caulking.

Cockroaches are a significant health threat because of their ability to carry and spread disease and germs. They have spines on their legs that allow them to pick up and transport bacteria, viruses, and diseases from one person to another. They can also trigger asthma attacks and allergies. Some of the diseases and infections they are known to transmit include salmonella, cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, giardia, staphylococcus aureus, and typhoid fever.

Hire a Professional

spraying for cockroaches are opportunistic pests that thrive in dirty environments and can survive anywhere there is food, water, and shelter. They are also extremely resilient and can crawl into small spaces like crevices or cabinet corners.

The best thing you can do to help with a cockroach problem is to keep your apartment clean. This includes promptly wiping up spills, washing dishes immediately after use and putting them away, and keeping garbage cans closed with liners or tightly shut lids. It’s also important to plug any drains that aren’t being used and to tape over overflowing drains in the bathroom. You should also keep kitchen cupboards and drawers clear of food, and store foods in tightly sealed containers.

If you’ve done all this and you still have a cockroach infestation, it may be time to call in a professional. An experienced cockroach exterminator can use baits and other insecticides to target the bugs at their source. They can also apply an IGR, which inhibits the bugs’ nervous, respiratory, and reproductive systems and prevents them from surviving.


It’s also a good idea to talk with your apartment manager about cockroaches in multi-unit buildings, as it’s unlikely that they will be isolated to just one unit. An experienced manager will know how to treat a roach infestation and can work with other tenants in the building to get it under control.

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