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The living room is the heart of the home. Where we share memories, relax with family, and make memories. The idea of interior design has undergone significant transformation since the rise of modernism. The favourite area of the house to congregate, chat, and create priceless memories with loved ones is the living room. The first room someone sees when they walk into your house is the living room. You must improve the quality of your living room because of this. Making wise flooring decisions is one approach to accomplish this goal. This blog is all about exploring floor tiles for the living room with a focus on parquet flooring, engineered wood flooring, and porcelain tiles. 



Your living room upholds a special place and most focused area of your home which should be adorned with style and sophistication. Floor tiles for the living room should be opted for wisely enhancing the beauty of the home by creating an alluring atmosphere. Options like parquet flooring, amtico spacia, and porcelain tiles are ideal to be chosen for floor tiles for the living room. It is crucial to check durability, colour, texture, and capability to withstand challenges at any time. Some major things to focus on while choosing floor tiles for the living room. 


  • Colour combination plays an important role 

Always focus on what can match your living room tiles. It can be vibrant colours or dark colours creating a cosy atmosphere. 

  • Texture 

You can also opt for different textures and patterns according to your preferences. Patterns like geometric or herringbone can create a classy look for the living room. 

  • Lightning Magic 

Glossy tiles are becoming trendy these days. They don’t require much maintenance and still look beautiful especially when they come in contact with light. 



We think of various ideas to make our living room truly exceptional. It should be adorned with the magic of creativity and sophisticated patterns. Let’s explore some fantastic options which can be opted as floor tiles for living room 


  • Parquet flooring 

It refers to a timeless classic adding magic to living rooms. These tiles are mainly made up of small wooden blocks. The best thing about parquet flooring is its elegance, durability, and versatility. They can be preserved for years and are a perfect investment. 

  • Engineered wood flooring 

This flooring is mainly for people who love the warmth and beauty of wood together. These tiles require no tough maintenance and are known for their natural aesthetics. These tiles look attractive, creating a welcoming atmosphere every time. 

  • Amtico spacia 

The well-known brand Amtico Spacia is renowned for its creativity and elegance. Whether you want sophisticated refinement or the rustic charm of contemporary trends. This gives you the freedom to employ a wide variety of forms, sizes, and designs, enabling individuals to create appropriately. Amtico Spacia and its luxury vinyl tiles have a solid prominence for updating the appearance of living rooms while offering long-term durability.

  • Porcelain tiles 

Be it the kitchen or living room, porcelain tiles always strive to leave a long-lasting impact. These tiles have the power to create artistic wonders in your room. These tiles provide the ideal harmony of cutting-edge creativity and fashionable designs, guaranteeing both beauty and versatility. 



When it is about selection of floor tiles for living room, we have ample of options including parquet flooring, amtico spacia and porcelain tiles. The selection of tiles majorly depend on texture, pattern, durability and budget. These tiles don’t only enhance the beauty but also uplifts the standard of living room reflecting personality, standing as testament of creativity and sophistication. So why wait, pick the best option that wisely going with vibe of your living room. 


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