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Farmtrac 45 price in india

The Farmtrac 45 Smart tractor is well-known for its dependability and adaptability, performing well in a range of environments and jobs. Its sturdy build and fuel-efficient engine make it a dependable option for commercial transportation and agricultural work. Its affordability, which serves Indian farmers from a variety of economic backgrounds, is a crucial characteristic that makes it unique. At a price point ranging from Rs. 7.50 to Rs. 7.80 lakh*, this product provides exceptional value for the money, demonstrating the manufacturer’s dedication to offering economical solutions. With its 43 horsepower, the Farmtrac 45 Smart outperforms many of its competitors in its class thanks to its powerful engine that can run continuously. A 2125 MM wheelbase combined with the 2WD version guarantees stability and assistance when doing field operations. The tractor is noteworthy for having an impressive lifting capacity of 1800 kg, which broadens its application beyond agriculture to include construction and the transporting of commodities. Its exceptional performance is partly attributed to the three-cylinder engine, which increases friction to improve overall efficiency.

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