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Exquisite Catering Services Las Vegas NV | Westside Deli & Pasta

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Exquisite Catering Services in Las Vegas, NV – Your Culinary Journey Begins Here

Westside Deli and Pasta is a family-owned and operated restaurant. Let us help make your next work lunch or family event special!

Westside Deli and Pasta are owned by industry veterans with over 30 years of experience in the catering and food delivery business.  They decided to open Westside Deli to service the business catering needs in Las Vegas.  Whether you are visiting town for a convention, planning a corporate event, or a small family get-together, we’ve got you covered!

From gourmet, fresh salads to delicious pasta trays and box lunches.  The most important ingredient is the love!  Swing by for a quick bite or have your lunch delivered by our friendly staff.

Our restaurant values quality, customer service, and convenience.  We have an amazing staff eager to serve you. One of the shining stars in Las Vegas’ catering services is Westside Deli & Pasta. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large corporate event, Westside Deli & Pasta has you covered.

The Menu:

Westside Deli & Pasta offers a menu that blends classic Italian cuisine with a modern twist. Their extensive menu options cater to various tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring that every guest is satisfied.

From homemade pasta to locally sourced produce, the quality of their ingredients shines through in every dish.


The team at Westside Deli & Pasta understands that no two events are the same. They provide a personalized approach to catering, working closely with clients to create a menu that perfectly suits their event’s theme and preferences.

Catering in Las Vegas

The city’s caterers must navigate the challenges posed by its vibrant atmosphere, diverse clientele, and ever-evolving trends.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Las Vegas presents unique challenges, such as accommodating large crowds, ensuring food quality during transportation, and dealing with a wide range of dietary restrictions. Westside Deli & Pasta’s expertise shines through in its ability to overcome these challenges while capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the city’s thriving event scene.

Trends in Catering:

Las Vegas’s catering scene is always evolving, with trends ranging from interactive food stations to fusion cuisine. Westside Deli & Pasta stays at the forefront of these trends, offering innovative ideas to elevate your event.

Impeccable Service:

The dedicated team at Westside Deli & Pasta is committed to providing impeccable service. They take care of every detail, from setup to cleanup, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying your event.


Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Westside Deli & Pasta is flexible and adaptable, making sure your event runs smoothly.

Happy Clients:

Numerous satisfied clients have shared their positive experiences with Westside Deli & Pasta, highlighting their delicious food, attentive staff, and overall professionalism.

Planning Your Event with Westside Deli & Pasta

If you’re considering catering services in Las Vegas, there are several steps to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.


Reach out to Westside Deli & Pasta for a consultation. They’ll work with you to understand your vision and goals for your event.

Menu Selection:

Together, you’ll select a menu that suits your event, accommodating any dietary preferences or restrictions.


Westside Deli & Pasta will handle all logistical aspects, including setup, service, and cleanup. Their experienced team will make sure everything runs smoothly.

Enjoy the Experience:

On the day of your event, relax and enjoy the experience while Westside Deli & Pasta takes care of the rest.


In the heart of Las Vegas, where culinary expectations are high and diverse, Westside Deli & Pasta stands as a shining example of catering excellence. Your event, their expertise, a recipe for success.

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