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Experienced Child Support Attorney Orange County

The child support attorneys Orange County have decades of experience in handling complex child support cases.


Family courts in California are busy, which gives around 30 minutes for each client to present evidence or arguments during child support hearings. Our attorneys specialize in providing an accurate picture of the proceedings to the family court judge so that your child’s best interests are served expeditiously.


We understand the court process and stay by the side of our clients every step of the way.


How is Child Support Calculated?

California Family Code lays down the obligation of each parent to support their children financially in a manner that’s suitable to the child’s circumstances. Both parents need to support their minor children until the age of 18, however, the courts may extend this age in special circumstances.


While determining support, the courts consider various factors like:


●    The parents’ income

●    The time the children spend with each parent

●    Various other discretionary factors


The formula also considers the standard of living that the child has before divorce. The idea is that the custodial household is well supported financially to maintain the lifestyle of the child.


To ensure that you get adequate support for your child, we paint the true financial picture of your spouse’s assets and income. Our child support attorney Orange County can conduct proper discovery to seek out the financial resources of your spouse.


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