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Do You Know About Comparative Negligence In Personal Injury Claims?

Comparative negligence can determine compensation in personal injury law. Orange County, like California, uses “pure comparative negligence”. This method lets the court assign each accident party a percentage of responsibility for the incident.

Let’s imagine an automobile hitting a person at a crossing. The motorist was speeding as the pedestrian was on their phone. The court may find the pedestrian 30% at fault & the motorist 70% due to the accident. This fault distribution affects the injured party’s damages in pure comparative negligence states like Orange County. 

To better understand this, let’s take a scenario where a pedestrian is hit by a car at a crosswalk. The pedestrian was looking at their phone & not paying full attention to the traffic, but the driver was speeding. Since the pedestrian was 30% at fault, they would only collect 70% of $100,000 in damages. 

The injured party can get compensation based on their percentage of fault. This comparative negligence method applies to insurance claims & personal injury lawsuits in court. The insurance adjuster may raise comparative negligence during settlement talks. 

Understanding this idea is crucial since it can greatly impact your compensation. Finding fault isn’t always easy. It often includes complicated investigations & can cause conflict. An expert Orange County personal injury attorney can correctly establish fault to appropriately portray your liability. 

This advice is crucial to preserving your rights & maximizing compensation. The appropriate lawyer can advocate for you, handle difficult paperwork, negotiate with insurance companies, & assist you through a stressful process. Thus, engaging a competent personal injury lawyer might significantly help your case.

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