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Choosing Your Book PR Firm Wisely Matters

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Publicists are essential allies to authors whose work is released in today’s hyper-competitive bookselling marketplace. Effective book marketing campaigns can reach target readers with news of your book’s publication. Like many other things, there is variation among publicists, their methods, and strengths. Selecting one familiar with your genre and whose approach works well for you and your book makes a difference. Even small things like preferred communication methods (phone calls versus emails) are things to consider. You’ll be working closely together during the launch period.

The most helpful time to decide on your target reader is as you begin writing your book so that the story or information connects to them. A clearly identified target reader also supports your marketing effort. As you interview PR firms, consider their media contacts in places where your desired audience is watching, reading, or listening. It’s also wise to consider your interest and ability to tour to promote your book, either in-person or virtually. Publicists vary in their campaign planning, and if touring seems right for your book, work with someone who is a skilled author tour and event planner. 

Another consideration is whether you prefer a solo practitioner or a more prominent firm. Some solo practitioners are well-known and respected in the field, but it means your campaign revolves around them personally. When you go with a firm, you benefit from several people working on your campaign. If someone is out sick or takes a vacation day, other people at the firm can keep the ball rolling. The same goes for brainstorming before your campaign planning. With a firm, a team can contribute ideas, and the plan will reflect group thinking rather than only one person’s thoughts. 

Most of all, you must feel good about the person or firm you hire. Marketing and public relations are people, businesses, and relationships matter. When you can work comfortably and productively with someone, the outcomes are always better – and more pleasant for everyone concerned. Hiring someone based on their reputation or recommendations but not connecting easily with them could make a complex process in the long run. Lastly, ask for examples of other successful campaigns for similar books. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge.

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