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Buyer’s Guide: Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

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Search engine optimization (SEO) has become essential to succeed online. An effective SEO strategy can deliver more website traffic, leads, and sales. However, not all SEO companies can provide the same value. Asking the right questions before hiring an SEO services provider is key to getting results.


This buyer’s guide will overview:


Key SEO Company Qualities to Look For

Revealing Questions to Ask SEO Company Candidates  

Why Asking Questions is Crucial for SEO Success


Follow this framework when vetting SEO companies to ensure you choose an ideal long-term partner that drives significant ROI.


Most Important SEO Company Attributes


While the SEO details can get complex, start by assessing if a company possesses the foundational traits that enable reliable, ethical, successful campaigns:


  • Proven Track Record: Case studies, client stories, reviews and rankings success demonstrating expertise.

  • Transparent Pricing: Clear rates and billing process without hidden fees.

  • Customized Approach: Strategies tailored to your specific business goals versus one-size fits-all.

  • White Hat Ethics: Utilizes Google best practices for sustainable rankings gains. 

  • Responsiveness: Timely and clear communication.


Vetting Questions to Ask Prospective SEO Firms


SEO impacts your entire online presence and customer experience. The investment goes beyond monthly fees, as poor SEO can negatively affect your long-term brand.


Ask probing questions before signing any SEO contract to reveal competency levels and prevent potential downsides. 


SEO Strategy


  • What is your SEO approach? What core tactics will you use?

  • How will you select my target keywords and optimize content? 

  • What differentiates your SEO approach from competitors?

  • How will you communicate insights and reporting?


Experience and Results


  • What experience do you have in my specific industry?

  • What results have you achieved for other clients? Can you share case studies?

  • What differentiates you from amateur “SEO experts”? 

  • How can you help my business accomplish its key goals?


Evaluating Candidates


  • What is your experience working with companies of my size and budget?

  • Do you follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

  • How can I track my Keyword rankings?


Ask Questions to Avoid SEO Pitfalls


Every business wants to rank higher and get more traffic, but not all SEO companies can deliver. Asking probing questions screens out amateur firms that lack proven strategies. 


You can avoid these all-too-common issues by vetting providers thoroughly:


  • Inexperienced “Experts” – Ask detailed strategy questions to reveal actual skillsets.

  • Underwhelming Results – Ask for case studies with examples of past rankings success targeting similar clients.

  • Hidden Fees – Confirm transparent, all-inclusive pricing upfront.  

  • Spam Tactics – Ensure they comply fully with Google’s guidelines.

  • Poor Communication – Assess responsiveness level to demonstrate how they will collaborate long-term.

The Right SEO Company Empowers Your Goals

An SEO agency aligned to your business objectives, experienced in your niche, and transparent in their approach can amplify your organic growth and domination. 


Asking the right questions gives you the confidence to trust an SEO company to execute a high-impact campaign tailored for you. Training your SEO firm on the nuances of your brand and guiding their efforts towards key goals leads to the maximum payoff.


The intelligence extracted from a potential SEO company during the vetting process determines whether the relationship powers success – or sharply underwhelms. Invest time upfront finding an SEO contributor ready to collaborate for the long haul.

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