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Brother LB5000S Star Wars Edition Embroidery Machine

Embroidery enthusiasts and Star Wars aficionados unite, for the galaxy’s latest innovation has arrived – the Brother LB5000S Star Wars Edition Embroidery Machine. Combining the precision of embroidery with the iconic imagery of the Star Wars universe, this machine promises to be a game-changer for creators seeking to infuse their projects with the spirit of the Force. In this comprehensive review, we explore the features, pros, and cons of the Brother LB5000S, diving into the galaxy of possibilities it offers.

Introducing the Brother LB5000S Star Wars Edition

The Brother LB5000S Star Wars Edition is a limited-edition embroidery machine that pays homage to the beloved Star Wars franchise. Developed by Brother, a reputable name in the sewing and embroidery industry, this machine is not just a tool but a portal to a galaxy far, far away. Let’s embark on a journey through the features that make the LB5000S a unique and compelling addition to the world of embroidery digitizing.

Key Features of the Brother LB5000S Star Wars Edition

1. Star Wars Design Library:

The standout feature of the LB5000S is its extensive Star Wars design library. Packed with iconic characters, symbols, and scenes from the Star Wars saga, this embroidery machine allows users to bring the Force to their projects effortlessly. From Darth Vader to R2-D2, the galaxy’s most beloved characters are at your fingertips.

2. Large Embroidery Area:

The LB5000S boasts a spacious embroidery area, providing ample room for ambitious and intricate designs. Whether you’re working on a Jedi robe or a Rebel Alliance emblem, the large embroidery area accommodates projects of varying sizes with ease.

3. User-Friendly LCD Touchscreen:

Navigating the LB5000S is a breeze with its user-friendly LCD touchscreen. The intuitive interface allows for easy selection of designs, adjustment of settings, and on-screen editing. The Force is strong with those who can effortlessly command their embroidery machine with just a touch.

4. Automatic Needle Threading:

Bid farewell to the time-consuming task of manual needle threading. The LB5000S features an automatic needle threading system, streamlining the setup process and saving precious time for creators eager to embark on their next embroidery adventure.

5. 80 Built-In Designs and Fonts:

In addition to the Star Wars library, the LB5000S comes equipped with 80 built-in designs and fonts. This versatility ensures that users can explore a wide range of creative possibilities beyond the Star Wars theme, adding personalization to their projects.

6. Built-In Color Palette:

The machine includes a built-in color palette that allows users to visualize and choose thread colors for their designs. This feature enhances the planning process, ensuring that the chosen colors align seamlessly with the intended aesthetic.

7. App Connectivity for Design Import:

For those seeking even more design options, the LB5000S offers app connectivity. Users can import additional embroidery designs from the iBroidery.com website using the Brother CanvasWorkspace app, expanding their creative repertoire.

8. Adjustable Embroidery Speed:

Tailor the embroidery speed to match your comfort level and project requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned Jedi master or a novice padawan, the adjustable embroidery speed feature accommodates users of all skill levels.

9. Advanced Editing Features:

The LB5000S provides advanced editing features, allowing users to customize and manipulate designs directly on the machine. Resize, rotate, mirror, or combine elements to achieve the desired look with precision.

Pros of the Brother LB5000S Star Wars Edition

1. Star Wars Theme:

The Star Wars theme is a massive draw for fans of the franchise. The extensive design library, featuring beloved characters and symbols, adds a unique and exciting dimension to embroidery projects.

2. Large Embroidery Area:

The spacious embroidery area accommodates a variety of projects, from intricate designs to larger creations. This versatility caters to the diverse needs of embroidery enthusiasts.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

The user-friendly LCD touchscreen makes the LB5000S accessible to users of all skill levels. The intuitive interface simplifies the design selection and editing process.

4. Automatic Needle Threading:

The automatic needle threading feature enhances the overall efficiency of the machine, saving time and minimizing the frustration often associated with manual threading.

5. Built-In Color Palette:

The inclusion of a built-in color palette streamlines the color selection process, ensuring that the chosen thread colors align harmoniously with the intended design.

6. App Connectivity:

App connectivity expands the design options, allowing users to import additional designs and fonts. This connectivity adds a layer of flexibility and customization to the embroidery experience.

7. Adjustable Embroidery Speed:

The ability to adjust embroidery speed caters to users with varying skill levels and preferences. Beginners can ease into the craft, while experienced users can speed up the process for efficiency.

8. Advanced Editing Features:

The advanced editing features empower users to fine-tune and customize their designs directly on the machine. This flexibility opens up a realm of creative possibilities.

Cons of the Brother LB5000S Star Wars Edition

1. Limited Availability:

As a limited-edition machine, the LB5000S may have limited availability, making it a challenge for those who wish to acquire it after the initial release.

2. Pricing:

Limited-edition machines often come with a premium price tag. While the LB5000S offers a unique Star Wars theme, the higher cost may be a consideration for budget-conscious consumers.

3. Star Wars Exclusive Designs:

While the Star Wars theme is a major selling point for fans, it may limit the machine’s versatility for those who prefer a broader range of design options for their embroidery projects.


The Brother LB5000S Star Wars Edition Embroidery Machine is a beacon of creativity for Star Wars enthusiasts and embroidery aficionados alike. With its Star Wars theme, spacious embroidery area, user-friendly interface, and advanced features, it promises an immersive and enjoyable embroidery experience.


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