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A Unique Way to Promote Your Book

Although new online outlets will continue to open, the paradigm shift from “traditional media” to digital is nearly complete. If you’re a self-published author and have been researching how to market a book, it’s helpful to understand today’s realities. Its audiences have declined, but TV continues to be a player. Media outlets that used to deliver content in print today do it digitally. But regardless of the delivery method, budgets are stretched thinly. As a result, there is an openness to content from contributors not on the in-house staff, and you could provide it. It’s an excellent, low-cost way to promote your book.

Writing an article with a byline crediting you allows you to reach the target audience for your book when you select the media outlet carefully. It’s also a no-brainer because articles carry credits at the end, and you can list yourself as the author of your book. The trick is to find an article topic of interest to the news organization you’re approaching and one that attracts your target readers. If you do a good job, when someone has read the article and comes across your book’s title, they may look online to buy a copy. Hint: Before publishing the article, ensure you have a website, and your book is for sale.

Many news outlets will share information about their article submission standards, but generally, a 700-1,000-word piece works well. You can do some research in advance and look for other bylined articles to get an idea of what works best. Ideally, you have target audiences in mind for your book, and selecting news outlets for your article accordingly will make it more effective. When you increase your visibility, you’ll also be marketing yourself, which helps future books and your business in the short term. It’s common for authors to write books today for their business promotion value. 

Both in terms of where to place your article and in general, keep in mind that niche marketing is highly effective. While there is nothing wrong with a mass media appearance like a network TV interview, you’ll sell more books when you reach audiences with a particular interest in your topic. They arrive with a basic understanding and want to know more. They become more engaged when you present them with cutting-edge or insightful information. Therefore, you’re halfway there when you start the process and that much closer to closing the sale on a copy, whether a print copy or an online download.

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