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6 Unique hotels in Europe to visit in 2024

Europe is always a continent filled with so many unique things to do and visit. Have you ever heard about these unique hotels in Europe? If not, then this blog is here to make your next Europe trip a memorable one. Here, we have sorted the 6 most unique hotels in Europe included in the Europe tour packages from Dubai. Get in touch with the best travel agency in Dubai to start planning a trip to Europe to stay at these unique hotels.

Starting from the day, these hotels offer very unique accommodations that you will remember all your lifetime. 

Unique hotels in Europe

1)     The Tree Hotel

The most famous hotel in Europe is Tree Hotels located in Northern Sweden. Tree hotels follow the unique concept of tree rooms in the pine forests and are the most unusual hotels in Europe offering sleeping up in the forest. These hotels offer glass cabins, Bird’s Nest, Reflective Mirrorcube, and rooms UFO style. Guests can enjoy beautiful views from the bedroom and amazing activities. For anyone looking for an unusual and unique experience, these tree hotels can make it possible.

2)     Igloo Hotels

Want to visit a natural phenomenon, i.e. amazing Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, from your place? If yes, then one should plan a trip to Finland in Europe to witness the wondrous sight. They can have access to this wonder from the edge of their glass-topped igloo. Located on the Arctic Circle, Finland’s hotel Kakslauttanen and Igloo Village is one of the most unusual hotels in Europe. This glass igloo offers a clear view of the starred Arctic sky. There can be some activities performed like husky safaris, snow-moving adventures, etc.

3)     V8 Hotel

V8 Hotel in Germany is perfect for car lovers. If anyone is fond of cars and wants to live in a car-themed room, the V8 Hotel is the best option. It features a typical Bauhaus design or original car theme. This hotel not only offers fancy car rooms but also a fitness center and bar.

4)     Propeller Island City Lodge

Propeller Island City Lodge located in Berlin, Germany might make you feel like living in a museum. This hotel was designed by German artist Lars Stroschen. It has 30 rooms with an extremely unique design. This hotel is one of the most unique hotels in Europe with a prison-like padded cell to a coffin-like room. Its design also features an upside-down room to a mirrored room offering a chance to live weirdly.

5)     Swiss Jailhouse

Swiss Jailhouse Loewengraben is one of the most unusual hotels in Europe that offers a prisoner-like stay. Most of the rooms are former cells featuring a shower and toilet. This jail hotel has 56 rooms equipped with private showers and basic amenities. In the 19th century, this earlier prison was reconstructed into a hotel with prison cells converted into rooms and shared bathrooms.

6)     Crane Hotel

What would be the experience of changing views from a room? We always heard about one view from one room, but this Crane Hotel offers more than a view. This Crane hotel is located on the dockside of the Harlingen in the Netherlands. This Crane hotel has one bedroom with windows for a panoramic view of the Wadden Sea. As this is a Crane hotel, you can move levers and get access to the different views from the window.

In the end, these 6 unique hotels situated at the different corners of Europe offer unique experiences to the guests. Contact the best travel agency in Dubai and customize your Europe tour package adding these unique hotels to your itinerary. Explore these hotels and have a unique stay….

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