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5 Fun And Educational Weekend Activities For Your PYP Child

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Parents need to focus on the idea of education and fun going hand in hand. When children have fun while learning, they learn faster and feel engaged. Similarly, if your child is in a Primary Years Program (PYP), involving them in fun and educational weekend activities is highly recommended. It will not only help them develop new skills but also add up to their enjoyment. 


So what kind of activities should be practiced with young learners? Let us help you with that. In this post, we will go through some amazing and easy activities you can try with your young learners enrolled in a primary school. But first, let’s understand the importance of following these fun activities for your child. 


Why engaging your young learners in fun activities is essential?

Several scientific studies have proven over the years that educating children in primary school through fun activities is a great way to engage them and teach them things. It indeed has a positive impact on young minds as these kinds of activities do not dull the moment and keep it entertaining for the children to grasp things and have fun at the same time. 


Five fun and educational activities for your PYP child

1. Plan a picnic 

Planning a picnic is one of the most fun ways to engage your child in fun activities while learning. How? You may try giving your child the task of choosing a picnic spot so that they may feel important and take part in the activity while also learning decision-making skills. Make it more memorable and spend quality time with children. It will help in creating a strong bond between you and your child. 


2. Cook together 

Cooking is a great way to indulge in fun weekend activities for your child. You can begin with curating a kid-friendly menu that includes their favorite recipes. Make your child collect the ingredients or teach them the basics of cooking. Let your child feel that they are the main star of the activity and keep them involved. You can also involve them in setting up the table. It will also help them learn about organizational skills in a fun way. 


3. Play interactive games 

It is one of the easiest activities you can do on weekends with your child enrolled in the PYP curriculum. Playing an interactive game has to be the best way to teach them several lessons while having fun. Choose a virtual game that interests your child, so they may want to play it and stay engaged throughout the day. You can choose from various virtual games available online and stay connected with your child while the activity lasts. 


4. Go on a trek 

Who doesn’t love to go on a trek? Well, even children love trekking on weekends! Plan a trek with your child. Begin with choosing a great place for trekking, and remember that you are taking your child along, so choose a kid-friendly trek. Ask them to pack bags and take things they feel are important. It will help them learn to keep track of things and organize their backpacks while having fun. 


5. Visit a zoo/aquarium 

Visiting a zoo or an aquarium can be the best fun activity you can do with your child. Children in primary school love to go to places where they can interact with people around and watch animals they have been reading about in books. They find it very likely to observe all that in person and have a great time. Take them to a nearby zoo or aquarium and teach about various land and aquatic animals and their habitat. 



As parents, spending time with your young learners just starting with their PYP curriculum is a great way for them to learn and have fun simultaneously. Engaging in fun learning activities on weekends helps them learn various skills like decision-making, organizational skills, critical thinking, etc. It is also essential when children are in their foundation learning stage, such as primary school. 


Try out these fun-filled activities with your child on weekends or their day off from school, and cherish the memorable times you spend with them while they are also learning and taking little steps towards a bright future.


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